On Friday, September 23, the New York Times published an editorial entitled “Mom-and-Pop Pharmacy Bill”, urging Governor Cuomo to veto “AMMO”, our anti-mandatory pharmacy mail order bill. In the editorial, the Times said that “…there is no good reason for the state to intervene on behalf of neighborhood pharmacies“.


In these severe economic times, small businesses are more important than ever.

Please call your Assembly & Senate members today, and ask them to call Governor Cuomo in support of anti-mandatory mail order legislation A.5502 (Heastie) / S.3510 (Maziarz).

Here is what you should say to your state legislator:

“Thank you for your vote in favor of the anti-mandatory pharmacy mail order bill. It will go to the Governor within a few days. Please call Governor Cuomo and urge him to sign A.5502/S.3510 into law. Tell Governor Cuomo that this bill is important because it gives consumers choice about where to buy their prescription drugs, and it is designed to come at no additional cost to consumers, employers and health plans. Tell Governor Cuomo that this bill is vital for keeping small, locally-owned pharmacies in your community. Thank you.”

The easiest way to get your legislator’s phone number is to call NYS Senate Public Information at 1.518.455.3216 or NYS Assembly Public Information at 1.518.455.4218.


Go to www.CONGRESS.ORG – just type in your zip code (on the right side) where it says “GET INVOLVED & FIND YOUR LAWMAKERS”.


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Recall Information

Dear RDC Customers. Please use this link to view the lot number listings for the following recalls:

Taro Pharmaceuticals Fluocinonide Recall Form:
Taro Recall Form

Rugby APAP Recall Poster:
Rubgy Acetaminophen Recall Poster

Bristol-Myers Squibb recall:
Avalide Lot Number List

Abbott Labs Humira recall:
Humira Recall Form

Teva Topiramate 25MG recall:
Teva-Topiramate Recall Response Form

Teva Glyburide/Metformin recall:
Glyburide/Metformin Recall Response Form

Coloplast Cysto-Care recall:
Coloplast Recall Lot List

Sandoz for the Metoprolol Tartrate recall:
Sandoz Recall Lot List

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RDC Enters Specialty Drug Market

Dear RDC Customer,

In an effort to provide you with access to new profitable niches and better visibility within your local healthcare community, RDC is pleased to announce a new drop ship program for specialty drugs – IVIG, Hyper-Immune Globulins, Coagulation Factor, Albumin and other biopharmaceuticals and therapeutics.

These products can be ordered from RDC’s Customer Care department by phone

andcompletion of a signature order form. All orders are billed through RDC and drop shipped immediately from BDI Pharma, a specialty Authorized Distributor of Record located in South Carolina.

By partnering with BDI we have created access to the full portfolio of plasma and recombinant derived blood derivatives as well as select specialty biopharmaceuticals. This program is the result of collaboration between Pharmacy First/Wholesale Alliance LLC and BDI.

Please click this link to view product lists and the order form. Your RDC representative will be visiting soon to give you more details about this important Independent Pharmacy niche market!


Lanny Doud
Director of Sales

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Brand RX Copay Cards Available at RDC

Dear RDC pharmacies,

The following brand manufacturer patient copay cards or programs are now available from RDC. To get your supply please contact Chris Masseth at cmasseth@rdcdrug.com or call 800-333-0538 ex. 127

Nitrolingual by Arbor Pharmaceuticals

  • $0 CoPay
  • Good for 3 refills
  • Call for a card or sign up online at
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    Nature’s Bounty Recommends Healthnotes Vitamin Depletion Schedules

    How many times have you heard your Nature’s Bounty Representative talk about the “Vitamin Depletion Schedules”?

    Well, here they are…

    Healthnotes Vitamin Guide Index (Click on the Vitamin Guide link about halfway down the page)

    Nature’s Bounty Website

    This great tool will help you determine which vitamins and minerals would be good companion sales to vitamin depleting prescriptions.

    If you’re not sure how to use the guide just ask your NBTY rep!

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    Apply Now for CSOS!

    Many RDC stores are already enjoying the benefits of CSOS – electronic ordering of C-II’s. Our PRO II system is enabled to handle “live” CSOS orders from your store – all you need to do is get certified by the DEA!

    Please read this page carefully – it explains what CSOS is and exactly how to apply.

    How do I apply for a CSOS digital certificate?
    Before applying for a digital certificate, please do the following – these steps will make your life a lot easier!

    1. Read all of the information below to learn what CSOS is.When you’re ready to apply come back up here.
    2. Select a computer with Internet access and a good printer – the process will involve printing DEA application forms
    3. Download Adobe Acrobat software (unless you already have it) – you’ll need this for opening and printing the DEA application forms. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader , and immediately start with the “Choose your platform” menu in the bottom grey area. Then select your “Connection Speed” and Step 2 will appear. Continue to walk through the set-up wizard and click the little red “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.
    4. Locate a Notary Public – to notarize your forms
    5. Choose the following individuals in your store: the Registrant, a CSOS Coorindator, a CSOS Alternate Coordinator, and Powers of Attorney. A CSOS Coordinator is a person you assign to handle all CSOS duties in your place. CSOS Powers of Attorney are staff members chosen and authorized to order C-II’s. Note: when you apply you can only apply for one position – i.e., a Registrant cannot apply as a CSOS Coordinator as well.
    6. Prepare photocopies of 2 forms of ID (one must be photo), and your DEA Registration

    CSOS Computer Requirements:

    Windows XP, 512 MB of memory, Windows Internet Explorer, Installation of our Remote Access Tool (eBlvd), DEA electronic CSOS Certificates

    Note: You MUST have full Adminstrator Priviledges in Windows in order for CSOS to work.

    To apply for your certification(s), CLICK HERE between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (after these hours the site will be down until further notice from PEC Solutions). This is the DEA’s website containing detailed information that will guide you through the application process.

    We suggest that you take the time and read every word on this web site! It’s packed with a lot of information – we don’t want you to miss any detail or understanding of how the system works. You will find application forms on the site, but you must sign off on the pre-requisites first.

    The forms can be filled out on-line or printed. On the left menu of the Home Page, look for this link: “Apply for a CSOS Certificate”. Click this link to begin a walk-through that will allow you to fill out and send in your application.

    What is CSOS?
    CSOS stands for “Controlled Substance Ordering System”. It is an overall system allowing all buyers and sellers to conduct secure electronic transmission of controlled substance orders without the supporting paper Form 222. The adoption of CSOS standards is the only allowance for the electronic transmission of Schedule II controlled substance orders between controlled substance manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, and other DEA authorized ordering entities.

    CSOS uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology, which requires CSOS users to obtain a CSOS digital certificate for electronic ordering.

    Where Does RDC Fit In?
    We are providing CSOS-enabled ordering software to our customers.

    Why should I get RDC’s CSOS software?
    No more 222 forms, and next business day C-II orders from RDC!

    How does RDC’s CSOS Software work?
    Our CSOS software is “married” with RDC PRO II, our ordering system, and resides on your PRO II computer. To use it you would simply enter your C-II’s in with the body of the rest of any Purchase Order on PRO II.

    When it’s time to transmit your orders, PRO II will separate the C-II’s and send them to the CSOS software on the same computer. A prompt will then pop up asking you to sign the order with a digital certificate.

    Once your order is signed, our CSOS software secures it, packages it and sends it over the Internet to RDC. We then verify the authenticity of your digital signature against the DEA’s on-line database, and upon approval, process your order for shipping the next business day.

    Note: You must have Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional in order to use our CSOS Software.

    What is a digital certificate?
    A digital certificate is an authorized digital identity that contains information about its owner. Your cert will be issued by PEC Solutions, the CSOS Certificate Authority (CA) chosen by the DEA.

    PEC uses Public Key Infrastructure technology (PKI) that allows secure on-line transactions over the Internet. With it you will be guaranteed of confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation. PEC will issue your digital certificates to you after validating your identity and authority.

    How do I sign up for CSOS?
    You can apply for a CSOS digital certificate by submitting an application to PEC Solutions, the DEA chosen CSOS Certificate Authority (CA). Once you have your certificate, RDC can load the software on your PRO II computer. PEC is accepting enrollment applications on a “first come, first served” basis.

    If you have questions we can help to a degree – call Al Emmans at 1.800.333.0538. The PEC Solutions support staff is also very helpful – they are available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday. Call 1-877-DEA-ECOM (1-877-332-3266) toll free.

    More FAQ’s

    Can I order generic C-II’s with CSOS?
    You bet! RDC’s entire C-II database is available – both brands and generics. Order the same items you would with the 222 forms. The only difference is that you order using PRO II – just enter your C-II’s into your Purchase Orders just like any other item!

    Will PRO II track my C-II orders separately?
    Yes. They are listed separately within “Po Lookup” so you can spot them easily.

    Will PRO II give me confirmations for my CSOS orders?
    Yes. You will see your confirmations exactly as you do now.

    Will my system keep copies of my CSOS orders?
    Yes. They are required by the DEA to be kept for 2 years. Each and every order will be kept in a directory within your software.

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    Sandoz Metoprolol Tartrate and BMS Avalide Recalls

    Dear RDC Customers. Please use this link to view the lot number listings for the following recalls:

    Sandoz for the Metoprolol Tartrate recall:
    Sandoz Recall Lot List

    Brystol Myers Squibb Avalide recall:
    Avalide Recall Lot List

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    The Pharmacy DME Accreditation Exemption Form is now available!

    Attention RDC Customers,

    According to John Coster, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs for NCPA, the Pharmacy DME Accreditation Exemption Statement Fact Sheet and
    Attestation Form is now posted on the National Supplier Clearinghouse website.

    This is GOOD news for Independents – as of January 1, 2011 pharmacies that meet all of the following criteria may file an accreditation exemption statement which enables them to be enrolled in Medicare to supply durable medical equipment, orthotics, prosthetics and supplies (DMEPOS) which require accreditation, without having an accreditation.

    Click here for the form.

    The attestation form should be returned to the National Supplier Clearinghouse at the address below.

    National Supplier Clearinghouse
    PO Box 100142
    Columbia, SC 29202-3142

    or the overnight mailing address:

    National Supplier Clearinghouse
    Palmetto GBA AG-495
    2300 Springdale Dr, Bldg 1
    Camden, SC 29020

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    Notice to Consumers – Illegitimate Check Cashing Scam

    NOTICE: RDC is aware of an illegitimate check cashing scam using our corporate name. If you have received an invitation to cash a check please DO NOT. Instead destroy the mailing or report it to your local police department. We are in contact with the FBI in regard to this scam.

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    Brand RX Copay Cards Available at RDC

    Dear RDC pharmacies,

    The following brand manufacturer patient copay cards or programs are now available from RDC. To get your supply please contact Chris Masseth at cmasseth@rdcdrug.com or call 800-333-0538 ex. 127

    OxyContin CII by Purdue Pharma

    • Up to $70 off CoPay
    • Expires 3/31/2011
    • To obtain supply you MUST CONTACT YOUR PURDUE SALES REP. CALL 888-726-7535 OPT. 1 to get sales rep information.

    Embeda (CII) by King Pharmaceuticals

    AcipHex by Eisai

    Humira by Abbott

    • Up to $1,000 Off CoPay
    • Expires 1 year after joining
    • Call 1-888-HUMIRA4

    Depakote by ABBOTT

    SOMA by MEDA


    CRESTOR by AstraZeneca

    • for 12 Prescriptions
    • Call 1-888-801-6713 for Card
    • Activate online at www.crestor.com

    TRENTIN-X by Triax Pharmaceuticals

    • Pay $0 Program
    • Call 1-888-801-6713 for Card
    • For 2 uses
    • Get card online at www.tretinrx.com

    LIPOFEN by Kowa

    Bayer Savings Card For Beyaz, Natazia, YAZ, & YASMIN

    • Pay no more than $5 for your first month
    • Pay no more than $25 for each refill
    • Must apply online at www.bsc.pskw.com
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